Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Charms "Bestowed"

It has been a very busy May long weekend on the ranch for the "Pot of Gold" litter aka "the five "Lucky Charms" born on May 17, 2013 - St Paddy's Day to proud parents "Ash" and "Rook". The charms are now nine week's old and "two" are off to their reserved forever homes to proud puppy parents Janessa and Shawn from Red Deer, AB, and Andrea and Ryan from Chilliwack, BC. The three remaining "Charms" will be getting prepared to "lift off" shortly to their forever homes once the final arrangements for flights are in order.

As a breeder, I always pick temporary names for the pups as the homes ponder that "special" name for the pup that  will be their forever match. All of my wonderful homes have selected that special name so I can use their "call" name in advance before they are united with their new pack families. So, without further ado, here are some rambling pics of  the charmkins "Prime"(fomerly Frankie), "Nula" (formerly Boudicca), "Morgana" (formerly Penny), "Arya Fennec - Hebrew for Desert Fox" (formerly Olive), and "Zorro" (formerly Paddy).

Daddy Rook and son "Prime" formerly Frankie
Daddy &  daughter "Nula" formerly Boudicca
Mommy Ash & "Morgana" formerly Penny

Morgana and Nula hanging with mom
Mom with "Zorro" fomerly Paddy

Prime and Nula enjoying some playtime with mom
Prime, Arya,and Morgana hanging out with daddy Rook
Prime getting some last words of wisdom from daddy Rook

Mom and some of her charmkins
Nap time on the ranch for Mommy Ash and daughter Morgana
The two Diva's "Nanny Cybelle & "Morgana" strike a pose for the camera

Time for a Canaan nap -  "Prime and Nula" with mommy Ash
A bit of tracking Zorro and Morgana
Mogana resting by the pool side
nanny Cybelle tries to teach the charms how to pose for a group shot:-)
Prime and Morgana in their "watchdog poses"
And with proud puppy parents
proud pup parents Shawn and Janessa with their boy "Prime"
Janessa and her boy
Shawn's dad is happy to snuggle a Canaan pup - Miss Nula was happy to have some cuddles
Andrea and her girl Arya
Ryan and his gal Arya
Ryan spending time with the charms
Ryan loves to spend time with all of the "crews" - Rook and Zorro get some extra attention
Andrea and the crew
Andrea and Ayra
Hanging out with the crew
Ryan takes time out for a run with mommy Ash and daddy Rook
Stay Tuned for more updates as the remaining Charms "Morgana, Nula and Zorro" prepare for their forever homes!
We leave you with one our golden sunsets that we see each evening

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nanny Cybelle Keeps the little "lucky charms" in line

As the "Lucky Charms" continue to explore their universe, it is always good to test their boundaries further as they prepare for their new homes. While Mommy Ash is done with nursing and continues to play, socialize and correct her brood, having a "nanny" in the pack  helps to further strengthen their socialization with older dogs in the pack and teach them further "manners" as they  strive to "test the big-wide world".

Some rambling pics of the "Little Lucky Charm" Crew as they continue on their journey and prepare for their "Forever Homes"

Nanny Cybelle keeps an eye on every pup making sure they keep within the boundaries. If they strayed off "she was quick to herd them back as a pack"
Cybelle says "ok you are good to play here - since the big pasture is off limits to young grasshoppers!"
Pups "Olive" and "Bou" are quick to show respect to their elder in the pack - Nanny Cybelle aka the "Bibs"
Nanny "Bibs" keeping pups Bou, Paddy and Olive in line
Nanny "Bibs" continues her socialization with the "Lucky Charms" - administering  the right correction when needed to a bold pup who was getting too cocky, which I believe was Miss "diva" Penny:-)
Miss "Bou" & Master "Frankie" taking time out of their busy schedules
Miss "Olive" says "look at my pretty sit with all this commotion behind me!
Miss Penny says "look at me carrying this Frisbee even when the wind is blowing!"
Master "Paddy" says " Hey boss, good job with your tree planting!"
Master "Frankie" says "Hey boss, I can help you with the tidy-up of the yard by bringing you a bit of hay!"
Miss "Bou" says "I think I am ready to try out for the major leagues!"
Frankie says "Hey, Bou, I think I might want to try out for the major leagues too!"

Miss Olive says " I like this toy - it looks like me!" Although Olive also has a penchant for coffee cups and boxes - she says "you don't need expensive toys for me - the stuff you want to recycle are the best toys for me!"

 Stay Tuned For more updates with the "Lucky Charms"
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